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Best of Both Worlds Travels is a unique tour company specializing in tours to Germany and the American West Coast using insider knowledge that only a native born has. We will provide you with tours that we have personally experienced first-hand with friends for over the past ten years. Our goal is to make you feel like you are taking the perfect tour with friends!

Best of Both Worlds Travels is managed and run by Dr. Rupert G. Fersch and Dr. Valerie A. Foster.  We have pre tested each tour and we personally set up and guide your entire tour.  Since we are responsible for the planning and arrangements of each tour, we strive to make each tour perfect to the last detail.

Valerie, a Texas born American with a French mother, has gained her European experience during her over 30 years of travelling Europe. She is an avid hiker Valerie has lived on the West coast since 1978 and toured National and State Parks, Oregon and Washington vineyards and other attractions with many European friends and family over the past years.  She also has extensive experience traveling Europe with American friends and family and enjoys pointing out the exciting differences in both cultures.

Rupert was born in Bavaria, Germany and lived there until moving to Oregon in 2003.  He enjoys all types of outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, snowshoeing and canoeing.  He is also very interested in nature and natural history. During the past ten years he has visited most all local wineries and other attractions.  Rupert loves people and has a unique flair for entertaining.  He is quite talented in knowing how to make you feel comfortable and have fun.

Valerie studied dentistry at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon and runs a Dental office in Aloha, Oregon. Rupert graduated with a degree in Biology and Geography and a PhD in Science from the University of Erlangen, Germany.

Our passion for traveling has taken us to over 40 countries and most of the US states. We specialized in tours to Germany and to the Western United States. We have been organizing these kinds of tours for many friends from Germany coming to Oregon and American friends joining us in Germany since 2002. You will feel like travelling with friends and our motto is “Don’t worry about a thing- we’ll have so much fun!”

The reason we started this company is very clear: We LOVE travelling and having been married since 2003 we took countless trips to Germany. Both countries seem alike in many ways (pretty, safe, wealthy…) and so different in many ways. We have beentaking many friends from US to Germany and had a lot of German friends visit us in Oregon. We used all of their input to create the perfect tour and really show “The Best of Both Worlds” to you!

We want to show you the highlights of Germany from an American standpoint which my wife, a native Texan, had the luxury to explore with me, a native Bavarian, during the last over 10 years. One of the first things we emphasize will sure be the history with all the medieval towns, castles and fortresses. The next thing on most Americans’ mind when it comes to Germany is the engineering, mainly our cars which are enjoyed so much all over the world. We want to tour the production facilities of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, VW-Audi and introduce you to the only highway system in the world with NO general speed limit: The Autobahn!

We will have a beer tour for everyone interested in the German brewing art which is protected by the still enforced “German Purity Law” and we will see some of the oldest breweries in Germany and the world! We will go to the probably most famous beer hall in the world, the “Hofbraeuhaus” and will walk through the cobble stone streets of the UNESCO world heritage site, the city of Bamberg where we will try specialty beers only made there and nowhere else in the world!

Last but not least we will show you one of our favorite things to do in the evenings in Germany: The German style Sauna Spa which is just an amazing experience you only can have in Germany. Nothing even close exists in the US. The sauna spas are luxurious, big recreation facilities with up to dozens of different saunas, steam rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, restaurants and relaxation areas! Trust us that there is nothing like it anywhere in the US. We will show you the biggest sauna spa in the world, the most beautiful one according to several ratings and just a few other ones which are special all in their own way.You will not be disappointed and it will be an experience of a lifetime for you.

We, Dr. Rupert G. Fersch and Dr. Valerie A. Foster want to offer you a unique experience which you only can have in Germany.

Rupert: “I grew up in Germany and started becoming aware of the health benefits of Saunas in my early teenage years. Later I started appreciating the beautiful elaborate sauna spas in Germany. After moving to the US in 2003 I took my wife, who was born in Texas to an American dad and a French mom, to Germany several times a year and she got to know and love the German sauna spas.”

Over the years we tried out dozens of saunas, preferably the unique and nice ones all over the country of Germany. Now we are very confident, that we can show you the best and most interesting saunas in the world! We will show you the biggest Saunas in the world which almost could be described as a “Sauna-Disneyland” and have dozens of different theme saunas like the Celtic-, the Tuscany-, the Geyser-, the planetarium- or the Rose-Sauna.

In addition there are steam baths, several indoor and outdoor pools, pool bars and restaurants to sit in your robe and have a wonderful dinner and a bottle of water or wine!

In these German sauna spas you will find a lot of granite, marble and onyx in combination with statues and art work which will make you feel like in a different world! These places are the ultimate retreat of luxury and relaxation. Most of the bigger German Saunas have an age restriction for kids under 18 to make sure it is peaceful and quiet for adults who just want to relax and enjoy this amazing getaway.

One more thing to mention is the fact that all the saunas are in general coed so couples can experience this together and clothing inside the saunas is not allowed! People who are a little more shy that way always have the possibility to wrap a towel around sitting inside the sauna and there are may be one or two sauna cabins inside the big sauna spas which are reserved only for women. Our experience with American friends who joined us for some of the sauna spas is that after a couple of hours you get very relaxed and natural about being naked in the sauna and the pool areas since everybody is and being the only one wearing a swimsuit would sure feel odd. So our message is that it is very well worth a try. We are sure you will love it! If you want to check out the sauna spas we visited before just search online for: Erding Therme, Sinsheim Therme, Mediterana Therme, Maintal Saunen Grosswallstadt, Sauna Roeder Mainaschaff and Garden Eden Sauna Dietzenbach. We are selectively staying in very authentic and luxurious hotels which still provide a good value like the Hotel Ruebezahl right next to Neuschwanstein Castle or after arriving in Frankfurt at the Seehotel Niedernberg. Let us surprise you with a vacation you will never forget! We will dine in very nice restaurants with an atmosphere you only get in “the old country”.

Best of Both Worlds Travels can use all of our personalized knowledge to create a special unique and fun tour

for you!

Dr. Rupert Fersch and Dr. Valerie Foster are your hosts to wonderful, escorted excursions to Germany and the United States. Valerie, a Texas native with a French mother, has gained her European experience during her 30+ years of traveling Europe. Rupert is native German, where he grew up and lived for 38 years. Together, they frequently weekend at the Ocean and Mountains of the Great Northwest and travel Germany throughout the year.

Hotel Ruebezahl Spa
Badewelt Sinsheim
Garden Eden
Maintal Saunen
Erding Therme
Mediterana Sauna

Mediterana Sauna

Check out the Mediterana Sauna, one of the most beautiful places to spend an afternoon and evening.

10 Reasons to Travel with Best of Both Worlds Travel

10 Reasons to Travel with Best of Both Worlds Travel

1. Lots of Inclusions. We include so many features that you spend less out-of-pocket money when you travel with us An outstanding value. We offer high-quality vacations at an affordable price. We are interested in earning and keeping your business and will do whatever we can to make sure the trust you place in us…

Why travel with Best of Both Worlds Travels?

* We include so many features that you spend less money travelling with us. We offer high-quality vacations at an affordable price. We are interested in earning and keeping your business and will do whatever we can to make sure the trust you place in us is rewarded. That means delivering the vacations you want…

Mediterana Sauna

Mediterana Sauna

Check out the Mediterana Sauna, one of the most beautiful places to spend an afternoon and evening.